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To Provide a safe and Comfortable Stay to guests, the following rules need to be Followed


A guest Who wants to stay in the guest house shall notify the hotel of the Following Particulars.

1-Name, Address, Age, Gender, ID Proof, Nationality & Occupation of the guest.

2-Date of accommodation and the estimated time of arrival.

3- Other Particulars deemed necessary by the hotel.

-If guests request to extend the stay, during their stay at the hotel, extra

Accommodation charges to be paid by the guest.

In a single room, only one member is allowed to stay such as in a double room,

Two members are allowed. If more than one member will remain in single room .more than Two members will remain in Double room, then Extra

Charges to be paid Rs-300/- Per Person.

-The guest shall pay extra charges for any damage of goods, equipment of the hotel caused by the guest in the room.

-Any food or beverages that may affect the cleanliness of the hotel by the guest, extra charges to be paid by the guest.

-Do not Scream, sing loudly or create loud noises by any other activities inside the hotel or guest rooms, as it may disturb or annoy other guests staying in the hotel.